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Wedding Styling FAQs

If you have read through the services page detailing the work Arrow and Twine do, but you still have questions, please read through our FAQs below, or say hello here.

I want to book Arrow and Twine. What do I need to do next?

Say hello here. Or email us directly:

What comes first: wedding planning or wedding styling?

Think of wedding design as creating a visual road map for your wedding planning. Once the design in is place, you will have an overview of every aesthetic, from your colour palette to your stationery designs. And the best part? The design is based on your personal style. We then use our eye for design to help lay it all it out in one, easy go-to place.

Wedding design and styling can guide you in the decisions you have to make in your wedding planning journey, and can save both time and money when looking at sourcing services, decor, and vendors.

What does the wedding design and styling timeline look like?

This is dependent on when you bring us onto your wedding team. We will work within your timelines and we will always provide an indicator of next steps. In your in-depth consultation, we will discuss the sequence we will move through, from start to wedding day time.

What help will you provide with other wedding suppliers?

Arrow and Twine is part of The Wedding Collective, which is a directory of incredibly talented wedding industry professionals. As we often work together and are frequently in touch, we are able to gain availability and quotes from this talented tribe quickly and efficiently for you. We are also part of two other national stylist and planner networks, and have developed a hand-picked little black book of vendors who are specifically skilled in certain areas. These contacts are wedding gold when designing your wedding, and we will share these coveted recommendations with you as part of the Wedding Design + Styling service.

Is prop hire included in the cost of your services?

With the Wedding Design + Styling service, yes  – with the exception of the ceremony arch, which can only be hired in addition to this service.

Prop hire is not included in the Wedding Setup service, but couples can add these hire items to the service.

How much should I budget for styling?

We will work within the constraints of the budget you have allocated to this element of your wedding planning. Allow us to assist you by developing creative concepts and solutions for ideas that may seem outside of your price range (we know Pinterest is to blame…)

Do you style in one particular way?

There is no ‘one way only’ for weddings. We look at your story, your loves, your values, and then create a design built around this to make the day unique and inspiring for you and your guests. If this means a modern white palette to reflect your love of minimalism, this what the design will work to. If this means a wild, bohemian festival vibe to tell your Glasto-loving, travel-embracing tale, then that is the direction we will go.

This is about your unique experience. We are simply curating all the details to bring that story out in your wedding. Say hello here to start designing your day.

I am not based in the north east of Scotland – can I still hire from the Arrow and Twine prop collection?

Prop hire is based on collection and return from Arrow and Twine HQ, but equally we can arrange courier options for you.

How long is prop hire for?

Due to recent client requests, we have extended hire to 72 hours.

Do you source props?

I do, and I would love to hear of your requirements. Please email me directly:

Can I hire the ceremony arch as a stand alone service?

The assembly of the arch makes this impossible, simply because it requires two people for installation. This means it is not viable to offer this as a stand alone service. However, you can hire it as part of the Wedding Design + Styling service.

I don’t have a venue yet – can I still get you on board?

Of course! Let’s talk.

Email me directly: or say hello here.

What is your personal style like?

A fusion of Scandinavian and bohemian. We love neutral colour palettes, but with bold blocks of colour included. We like our décor to be raw and natural: antlers, feathers, clay, unfinished wood. And we’re sticklers for good quality textiles.