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Is greenery out for weddings?

When Pantone announced its Colour of Year for 2017, the wedding industry, on the whole, heaved a sigh of relief. Greenery had been creeping (pardon the pun) into the wedding scene, vine by vine, fern by fern for some time. Whether it was tropical leaves or woodland vibes, suppliers in the wedding industry were not surprised to see that the need for green had become an entire movement across other design-focussed industries.

pantone greenery

The benefits of adding greenery to a wedding go so much deeper than aesthetics. There is something wholesome and vibrant about having great looping, trailing foliage installations hanging from the ceiling. And with the embracing of herbs came new, fresh scents in place of some of the more heavily perfumed flower arrangements. Even on a very basic, physical level, green is the easiest colour for the eye to pick up, and we need plants to survive. As a species, we are hardwired to love greenery.

With Pantone’s Colour of the Year announcement for 2018 taking us in the completely opposite direction of the colour spectrum, there is just one question that needs to be asked:

Are we done with greenery in weddings?


Maybe not done, but there are a few changes on the horizon that seem to be growing in popularity, and which look set to be big in the coming year. Much like greenery, these ideas are so much bigger than trends; they are different ways of looking at wedding design.

Small bouquets

Firstly, the size of bouquets seems to have reached the end of the larger-than-life scale. If we go any bigger, the bouquet will be in danger of eclipsing the holder (and who wants that?) Smaller, understated bouquets are perfect for the minimalist vibe, or to inject a hint of boho dreaminess to the day. Think a Rue de Seine dress, with statement jewellery or gorgeous headpiece instead of focussing too much attention on the bouquet for the ceremony.

wedding bouquet


However, if you do like your floristry, flowers can make a return in the form of botanical vibes; a trend that gained traction in 2017. Dainty, softer flowers, with hints of greenery will add romance and work wonderfully if you are influenced by fine art style weddings. The beauty of botanical is that it can be included in all elements of the day: everything from the choice of venue, to serving artisan gin with edible flowers. Giving consideration to these details will help provide a cohesive thread throughout your wedding design.

wedding venue

Bright colours

If soft and dainty is not your thing, then taking influence from the colours in the Pantone palette for Spring 2018 might be right for you. With so many bright, energetic colours included, it is hard not to feel excited about re-introducing a more diverse colour palette to wedding designs. Starting with a neutral base and then building up with flashes of colour will work well and add a vibrancy that will remind guests not to take life too seriously.

Moody hues

On the opposite end of the scale, floral creations are also receiving a moodier, atmospheric makeover, which fits perfectly with the black décor and bridal fashion choices that are appearing across the board. Darker burgundy shades, with purposely clashing soft pinks are just some of the beautiful colour choices we have spotted on our social media feeds. Various shades of greenery can be used to complement and accentuate the darker, textured blooms: think sage to soften, and olive to deepen the intensity of your colour choices.

dark flowers

Black is the new…

Staying with black and edgy a little longer, there can be a hesitancy to include black in wedding designs, which greenery can help alleviate. The crispness of black and white lines, with green influences can be tailored to a classic vibe, a minimalist aesthetic, or a design that is completely fresh and modern. Building on the ideas of 2017, black can help give greenery that grown-up edge that it has maybe needed.

We are not done with greenery, but we are done with cookie cutter style. It is time to take 2017’s biggest trend and give it a twist to add a little je-ne-sais-quoi and make it your own in 2018. If you would like to discuss your wedding designs and how A+T can help bring them together, say hello here.

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