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Seven common concerns about hiring a wedding stylist

Weddings cost money. Monopoly-type money, in some cases. You’re essentially taking 100 people for dinner and saying, ‘hey, and the first drink is on me too.’ And I understand that in the holy trinity of Venue / Photographer / Band, a wedding stylist ain’t gonna get a look-in.

With this in mind, I have listed below the seven most common concerns couples have about hiring a wedding stylist.

1 They will just cut and paste from previous weddings

prop hire

No. No, no no. If they do, they’re not a wedding stylist; they’re a décor hire company. There is a distinct difference, my friend. If you want more than the actual physical items set up as per a formula, you need a wedding stylist, not just a décor hire company. The stylist might advise you engage with a hire company to secure props, but the hire company cannot (and should not – why would they? This is not how they earn their money) design your day for you.


Find yourself a stylist who takes the time to understand you, your story, your values, and not one whose first questions is, ‘how many of XX do you need and on what date?’


2 – They don’t physically provide anything

Not true! Most wedding stylists have a treasure trove of goods that they are able to hire out. And they are forever adding to this collection…even when their storage space cannot actually take any more items.


3 – It will just be their style, not my own

venue decor

This is about YOUR story and YOUR day. If details of my life were to end up in the mix, that would be odd. Not to mention narcissistic. 

A good wedding stylist should take your ides, expand on them, and use their creativity and eye for detail to bring it all together as a cohesive plan.

As a caveat to this, there are wedding stylists who are going to be more in line with your personal style than others. For example, if you want chair sashes and diamantes, I am probably not your gal. There are lots of other suppliers out there doing this look really well, but I am not one of them. However, if you have researched my social media feeds, my site, or met me at a wedding market/fair, you would already know this. And you’re still here, so chances are you don’t want vases full of glass coloured stones or pink, sparkly feathers either…


4 – It’s too much money

Actually, a wedding stylist can save you money.

Wedding stylists have little black books and expansive supplier networks. You may want teal linens and book the first vendor who can provide them for your date; no matter the cost. Not so a competent wedding stylist. They should have a network of suppliers and be able to tap into these connections to find the best service at the best price for you. And all those little savings can mount up.

Which leads me to another point.

Whoever said ‘time is money’ was on to something. If you’re researching the hire of eclectic cutlery, you’re not having a gin and beetroot juice (the gin-lover’s answer to a Bloody Mary, I have been told) whilst watching an early Christmas film. Or the other 99 things that you would rather be doing. 


5 – They will leave me out the loop on decisions

wedding style

I can offer ideas and suggest suppliers and sources, but I cannot move forward if you are not happy; that would serve neither of us well. All the decisions have to come through you in order to make sure that the day is a reflection of you. 

If any supplier is making decisions that you are not happy with, may I suggest having a stern word…


6 – Family and friends can pitch in and set up

 Yes, of course they can…but, wouldn’t you rather they were with you drinking fizzy things and making you the centre of attention?

Also (and trust me on this one), your idea of a beautifully laid napkin/menu/place card combination may not always be the same as some of your willing volunteers. Unless you have someone in your wedding party who is the perfect measurement of OCD-sufferer to creative-type, it can be a bit hit and miss in terms of final touches. 


7 – Having a wedding stylist sounds…very over-the-top


Uh-uh. Firstly, wedding stylists are simply experts in a certain field. If you were stuck with your finances, you would speak to an accountant. Or if you wanted a new hair cut, chances are you would head to a hairdresser. A stylist of any kind is simply there to help you with another area of your life that you do not have one or more of the following resources to tackle the situation with: experience; interest; confidence in your own creative ability (you are creative – everyone is); time (see point 4).

And it is your day. Spend the money how you want, use the suppliers you like and trust, and create the day that you and your partner in crime want to have. 

Yes, you have a wedding stylist. Own it and revel in the fact that your wedding is going to look and feel like no other.



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