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Three quick tips to de-stress during your wedding planning

Wedding planning can be great fun. You are essentially organising a party for you and your partner to enjoy with loved ones that not only lasts the whole day, but also often involves vast quantities of food and alcohol. And most elements that require thinking about are going to be beautiful and personalised for you and your partner. What’s not to like?

Well, a lot actually.

It is not that the different components are stressful, but rather that the number of decisions needing to be made, combined with an impending (and rather immoveable) deadline can seem unsurmountable at times.

Take a load off and read on for three quick tips you can use de-stress during your planning.

1. Take a week off. Completely.

wedding stylistStop thinking about your wedding. Stop talking about your wedding. Stop researching, calling, emailing, dieting, gluing, tasting, or anything for your wedding. Completely. It’s hard, but worth it.


2. Have a separate IG and Pinterest account for your wedding

wedding inspirationWant to take a break from wedding inspiration, but still have access to pins about dinner recipes? A separate Pinterest account could help. You can then take a wedding time out without missing out on your interiors fix, or being unable to search for new hairstyles. 


3. Spend time thinking about the post-wedding future with your wife or hubby-to-be

honeymoon planningIt can become oh-so-easy to focus on the details of the wedding day, and not the days that follow. Take time out, have a dinner party for two, and just daydream together. 


When you’re ready to get back into planning, these wedding blogs are the inspiration hubs your wedding planning needs.


Click here if you’re ready to start styling your wedding planning.


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