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The best Instagram accounts for modern wedding inspiration (pt. I)

Ever fallen down the Instagram rabbit hole? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…This list of Instagram accounts are our go-to hubs for instant insta inspo.

Some of these are heavyweight accounts, and others are ‘smaller’ in terms of follower numbers. However, what each of them can bring to your wedding research game is a cut above the rest. Aside from having beautifully curated feeds, their content is usually one trend ahead of the rest, and the use of colour in each of them is enough to make us want to continually comment with a simple screed of the 100% emoji and the dancing chica.

Brew a coffee and make some room in your morning (and feed) for these influencers. Wedding inspiration has never been so closely within your reach.


Hello May

wedding stylistYes, the magazine is Australia / New Zealand-centric, but the images this account features are the kind of photos you would dream of appearing in your own wedding album. Full of design-led styling, dresses from the cream of the Australian wedding dress designer crop, and beautifully shot photography; this one is a must.


The Wedding Collective

Tired of seeing all the light and bright wedding photography and wondering if you alone do not want to dress or decorate like a diamonte and pastel-covered princess at your wedding? This account will restore your faith in UK-based wedding vendors. 


The Wedding Stylist

arrow and twineFine art styling and light, airy photography combine beautifully in this lovingly-crafted feed. All the styling has an air of femininity and elegance, without being too traditional or stuffy. Anyone looking at Sundari’s work is completely transported into her world.


West & Wild

Not a wedding account, we know…BUT. This is definitely one to consider if you are wondering about your wedding colour palette just now. The colours in the images all work so well together, and the composition in the photography is enough to get you lost for hours.


Bo Boutique

wedding styling scotlandIf you want to see how good your wedding flowers could really look with the right skill, flair, and creativeness, then this feed will rock your world. And having met Amy, it is amazing how much of her personality comes through in her feed. So. Much. Fun.


Part two of our list of ten Insta-inspirers coming next week…But if you need more creative muses, you might like this post on seven wedding blogs for the modern bride.




Feeling inspired? Click here to bring your ideas to life. 

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