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Five (FREE) apps to help you with your wedding planning

Wedding planning seems to divide people into two predominant camps. Whilst there are those who love their gadgets, there are others who dream of a simpler time, when everything was not automated and recorded, and it was necessary to wear a watch for reasons other than personal aesthetic.

And then there is a third group. People who simultaneously love their smartphone and all it connects them to, and yet still crave the tangible solidity of a pen and new moleskin notebook (ahem, right here).

Whilst we may as well have a trade account with several stationery providers, we are also suckers for any app or programme that is going to take our organisational skills to the next level. We have tried oh-so-many apps, but there are five which seem to work best above all else when it comes to planning of any kind. And now, dear reader, we are thrilled to be able to share them with you, in the hope that they may help you at the start of your wedding planning journey.


1. Dropbox

If your workplace is tech-savvy enough to have the business version, you may already be familiar with the file-sharing phenomenon. But if not, it is worth introducing yourself to this nifty little tool. Whilst there used to be a wariness about saving data to ‘the cloud’, there now seems to be a general consensus that it is probably as secure, if not more, as the hard drive of your computer. Dropbox fits with this new way of thinking and is the perfect place to save wedding budget spreadsheets, wedding supplier quotes and invoices, the running order for the wedding day, photos, and all manner of wedding paraphernalia. Plus, users can share folders with other Dropbox users, so your partner or wedding suppliers can all be updated with the files simultaneously (and add their own too). 



2. Trello

Trello is a project management tool at heart, but do not let that business lingo put you off. It gives you a dashboard-like overview of your to-dos and ideas, and allows you to move cards across the flow so you can keep track of your progress through the wedding planning process. When you begin feeling like you have achieved the square route of nothing, this overview is not to be sniffed at. Even better is the fact that users can access their boards across all devices, meaning you can be planning remotely on your homeward commute, safe in the knowledge that your files will be synced to your Mac for when you return home.



3. Wunderlist

If you love a list, then this app is perfect for you. Think of it like a vault for all your lists. No more writing ideas down and losing the pieces of paper, and no more carting around multiple notebooks in order to keep your ‘list book’ separate (other people do this too, right?) The real benefit of this app over the trusty handwritten list is the fact that you can share lists between other Wunderlist users. This means your partner can be working through the wedding to-dos with you, even if you are not in the same location.



4. Google Calendar

Although we love a new piece of stationery, we find physical calendars a little…inflexible. We have tried desktop ones, A4 diary ones, wall-hanging ones, and none of them can compete with the offering of the e-calendar. And our favourite of those is Google Calendar. Use it to mark out significant dates in your wedding planning, appointments with suppliers and venues, calls with your mother-in-law, and add reminders for budget deadlines. Colour-code how you like, but make sure to use this tool religiously.



5. Boomerang for Gmail

Doing exactly what the name describes, Boomerang is an extension of Gmail which allows users to ‘send’ an email away from their inbox until they are ready to read it again. For example, if the final payment for a wedding supplier is due on a certain date, you can instruct Boomerang to return the invoice to your inbox on that date, essentially meaning the email will be re-sent to you at a time when you can actually action the contents. For those of us who hate leaving mail unopened (holler), Boomerang is perfect. 


BONUS: Smith Hotels

Psst! If you’re over the wedding planning craziness and are now looking further ahead to your honeymoon, the we would definitely recommend the Smith Hotels app. Full of beautiful boutique hotels, it is the ultimate go-to source for luxury travel (and it’s not simply full of beach holiday destinations, we promise!) Just don’t blame us when you want to start booking your trip immediately…


There are hundreds of wedding planning apps, but these beauties are great for wedding planning AND BEYOND. If you like your organisation game to be strong, then these five are game-changers. But don’t let us stand in the way of you buying a new notebook too: online tools are functional, but they are hardly as pretty as new stationery.


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