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Curated weddings: the next big thing?

Wedding trends come and go, sometimes only lasting one wedding season, and often morphing and melting into the next year, with a slight change to colour palettes or emphasis. However, every now and again, a trend comes along that heralds a complete change to the way brides, grooms and wedding professionals approach the entire enterprise. It does more than that; it becomes an industry-wide reaction to the way couples are choosing to live their lives at that moment in time. Case in point: the vintage movement.

The vintage craze didn’t just bring with it a desire for teacups and chintzy furniture; it completely revolutionised the way couples procured services or goods for their big day.   But its roots were in the financial crisis of 2008 (heavy, huh?) Suddenly everyone had to make do and mend, rather than spend spend spend. And the whole concept took flight as a positive answer to the horrible question, ‘where did all the money go?’ with people like Kirstie Allsopp leading the charge. Brides and grooms embraced the movement, turning their hand to DIY, scouring unsuspecting relatives’ cupboards for forgotten teasets, and trying to replicate a feeling of times gone by (before Lehman Brothers and Candy Crush).


But what is next for 2017 wedding trends?

As we start 2017 and approach the beginning of wedding season, there seems to be a change in the air. Couples are moving away from following the crowd and looking to make their weddings as unique and personal as possible. It’s true that couples have always done this to a degree, but it seems this trend is being amplified and is another that seeks to shake up what has come before.  Traditions can go hang if the bride and groom aren’t keen, and the format and tempo of the day are now a completely brave new world. In a word, couples are now, more than ever, making considered choices over each of the elements of their wedding in order to provide an ‘experience’ for their guests, instead of replicating the styles they see in print and online wedding hubs.

Welcome to the age of the curated wedding.


Why is this movement suddenly gaining traction and where did it come from? We would hazard that it comes, in part, from the fact that millennials have reached the age where they are marrying and that these guys are so much more use to curating their lives than previous generations (we’ll stop with the heavy stuff soon, we promise – it’s called ‘setting the scene’). As such, they want to personalise everything and showcase their lives and individuality in ever more expansive ways. And they are not afraid to go out to the market to see which suppliers are really offering the best in customer service and something beyond the cut-and-paste template of previous offerings.

The good news? This trend is the hallmark of quality over quantity. Brides and grooms are besieged by suppliers the minute they start their planning journey, but this trend actively encourages couples to go out to the market and find the best fit for them. It’s not the size of the quote that matters; it’s the manner of the encounter and the tailoring of the supplier’s services to the couple’s needs.

And budget control? No problemo. This trend is set to get rid of all the gimicky add-ons that have (for too long, in our modest opinion) come to be part of the wedding scene. If you don’t like sweets then it is a-okay to not have a sweetie cart. Who wants drunk guests riding the waves of a sugar high at the same time anyway? It all comes down to where you want to spend your money, and couples seem more and more inclined to remove unnecessary add-ons in favour of channeling the money into another area of their wedding which will give their guests a great atmosphere and overall experience.


The icing on the doughnut tower is that the phrase, ‘we’re having a curated wedding’ stops short any presumptuous questions like, ‘but what about the cake?’. Bossy, if well-meaning, relatives will stop asking questions that hark back to archaic traditions that don’t mean squat to you or your partner when they realise that you are throwing the rule book out the window in favour of an evening ceremony and *gasp* no cake.

This movement is perfect for couples and suppliers alike who are not of the cookie-cutter mould and who are keen to curate a relaxed, effortless vibe at their wedding. It is about understanding the vision for the whole day and realising that personalising a wedding can go so much further than choosing customised table names. Your wedding, your money, your rules.


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