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TWC Bridal Market Round-up

Well. I’m still a little giddy after all the buzz of Arrow and Twine’s very first bridal market last Sunday – WHAT. A. DAY. Having attended wedding events as an onlooker, I was unsure how it would feel to be on the other side of the trestle table as a supplier. However, I can confirm that it pretty much rocked from start to finish.

It all began with a very packed car, some scalding hot coffee, and a drive from Edinburgh to Glasgow with my amazing friend, Amy, who was my second pair of hands for the day. After circling the one-way system a few times, we arrived at St. Andrews in the Square and were immediately blown away by the building itself. For those of you not lucky enough to have been for a gander, it’s well worth a look if you are still on the hunt for potential venues in Scotland; amazing doesn’t cut it.


The next couple of hours were spent setting up the newest addition to Arrow and Twine’s collection, our ceremony arch, and styling our little corner with some of our more modern hire items.* We may have also added a cheeky little plate of homemade brownies to the mix (it’s not an event without cake, right??) and then snuck Louis in amongst the foliage to charm the brides and grooms.

Looking around at the other suppliers, it was amazing to see the variety and creativity on show. From our amazing neighbours (the fabby Simon from Boda Productions and the lovely Gill and Craig from Something Brewed – hey guys!) to all the florists, stationery designers, stylists, celebrants, and dress designers, it was like walking around inside Instagram. And, best of all? There wasn’t a diamante in sight.

At 12pm, the brides and grooms, friends and family members began to arrive and it honestly did not stop from then until 3pm. There were so many modern, fresh-thinking brides and grooms stopping to ask questions, take pictures, and discuss their ideas, that I forgot to have lunch. I KNOW. However, I was kept in oysters by the super cool Ferran from Oysterman Events. If you’re looking for something a little special for your wedding, this guy is great fun! (Amy loved the oysters so much that she and Ferran were best of chums by the end of the day, as evidenced by this pic…)

The atmosphere was great; simultaneously busy yet relaxed, and nothing like any other bridal fair I have been to before. If we suspected it before, we know it for sure now: the Wedding Collective is like the little black book of modern and forward-thinking wedding suppliers. Look. No. Further.

The next bridal market will take place at the start of next year and we already cannot wait. Follow us on FB and IG to make sure you hear about the dates when they’re confirmed!

Much love,

| Arrow and Twine |

* More of these being added to the collection soon – keep a look out on IG to be kept up to date!

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