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Feathers: Styling Gold

If you are partial to a little browsing therapy in the beauty and style hub that is Instagram (ahem, guilty), you may have noticed that the use of feathers in weddings is set to continue into 2017. Versatile and inexpensive, feathers can be decor gold. We have lost hours scrolling through all the inspirational and creative ways people are working this trend and, with winter season upon us, we thought we would share some of our favourite feather flourishes (try saying that after a couple of gins) with you all.

Table styling

From centrepieces to napkin accompaniments, feathers can play a big part in people’s style expressions for their wedding tables. With so many varieties so readily available online, the choice can be almost overwhelming, and there is the risk of choosing feathers that do not sit well with your chosen theme. Even if the base of your colour palette is a rich blue, napkins decorated with peacock feathers is unlikely to work if you have you have a costal theme…

To help avoid this confusion, it is worth thinking whether your style leans more towards a modern edge, or a traditional feel. If it’s modern, then less is more in terms of colours and patterns (think one or two colours with simple markings, or muted tones); if it’s traditional, then you can afford to use feathers with a more colours and distinctive characteristics.


Pic via @chicvintagebrides

Wedding cakes

There seems to be a split in wedding cakes just now between those in the naked cake camp, and those with piles of decorations (for some of the best examples, see @unbirthdaybakery in Sydney – these are seriously some of the best damn cakes we’ve ever laid eyes on). The good news is that feathers work for both styles. They can lend colour to a naked cake that needs to somehow tie in with the rest of the wedding’s theme, or they can add character and life as part of a hugely decorated tower of sweet cakey goodness. We love this one on Child of Wild’s blog. Boho love, baby.


Pic via @child_of_wild

Feathers or flowers?

Flowers can add much to the look and atmosphere of a wedding, but if you are looking for something a little different, then feathers could be an alternative option. Again, having a think about the overall theme of your wedding is a must to ensure a good fit in terms of style, and it is definitely a good idea to have your dress close by when making decisions about the type of feathers to include in your bouquet. The beauty of using feathers (even in addition to flowers) is that they can dramatically reduce costs, which is no bad thing when wedding budgets are infamous for being a law unto themselves.


Pic via @burnettsboards 

Hanging decor

If you are struggling for surface areas that you can decorate at your venue, it’s always a good idea to consider decorating at height. Can anything be hung, suspended, attached to walls, or wrapped around banisters or doorframes? Even if the answer to this question is ‘yes’, there are often weight limitations to this solution, or a need to work around the lighting provided from the ceiling. It’s going to be hard to suspend a stuffed rhino above your guests if the beams of your venue are 500 years old and it cuts out half your light source (despite how well it would accentuate your safari theme). This is where feathers can save the day. They are naturally slightly translucent, and are as light as a…you get it. Gathered together, or suspended sporadically throughout your venue, they can provide decor even when there is no room for more at a lower level.

Ruffled - photo by -

Pic via @ruffledblog 


Because feathers can appear anything from elegant and regal, to playful or bohemian, they can be added to accentuate so many different styles. For this reason, they are a designer’s dream, and can used in a variety of ways to tie in with your wedding’s theme. Even if you have no physical feathers included in your decor, using them in your stationery design can communicate the feel of your wedding in a different way. They are not limited to a style or to a colour, which is why they are styling gold.


Pic via @kismetweddings

We would love to hear if you used feathers at your wedding, or know if you’re planning on using them on your big day (and how!)

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