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6 Ideas to Give your Wedding Table the WOW Factor

If, like us, you are all about the details, then this post is for you. Last fortnight, we considered the relaxed wedding table; this week we are looking at ways to make your wedding table stand out. No budget for WOW? No biggy – some of these ideas cost mere pennies and are super easy to implement. Just think of us as table decor fairy godmothers, but without the midnight expiry.

Napkin love

Forget paper napkins, and definitely disregard the novelty offerings that seem to appear on dinner tables across the land on Christmas day. The modern day napkin is luxurious, substantial and made from natural materials like cotton or linen. Neutral colours will prevent the look from becoming too ’80s dinner party’ and allow your napkins to add depth to your table without upstaging the decor.


Pic by @frenchcargo

Cutlery tip #1

Everyone is very comfortable with forks on the left and knives to the right. But we’re not everyone, and neither are you. Grouping your cutlery together, either to one side, in a tall glass, or folded into your napkins gives your place settings a different dynamic from the norm. Tying it altogether with some twine, herbs or flowers takes everything to the next level and has the added bonus of making your cutlery part of the aesthetic plan of your table, as opposed to just a functional requirement. Winner.


Pic by @ruffledblog

Crockery layering

Recent crockery offerings seem to belong to one of two camps: modern and sleek, or vintage and chintzy. However, there are lots of options in between and mixing styles can really work for this element of your table dressing. Try choosing a base colour for your larger dinner plate and then layering patterned plates or bowls on top. Remember to keep to the same tone of colour or the final effect will be too busy.


Pic by @prettyvintagerentals

Favour fever

Struggling to find favours that your guests will actually find useful and not leave with their empty drinks glasses at the end of the night? May we suggest individual candles. Simple, elegant, and will add a whole new layer of WOW to your tables if they are all lit ahead of your guests sitting down to dine. They are also perfect for an alternative night shot if you get everyone to hold theirs for a final photo; a demure version of the popular sparkler pic.


Pic via @evermore_london

Cutlery tip #2

Just like crockery, cutlery is another element that you can mix and match without making an in-cohesive mess of your table. Gone are the times when couples would receive a complete dining set as a wedding gift, which means charity shops are full of beautiful cutlery with intricate designs just waiting to be snapped up by the style-conscious bride or groom. If you’re already changing up the crockery, this idea may be a step too far, in which case we are suckers for matte copper, black or rose gold cutlery sets. Eye-catching, alternative and a subtle way to add WOW.


Pic via @thecutlerycommission

Paper prettiness 

Whilst we are all for flora and greenery, sometimes it’s hard to get the budget to stretch as far as flower installations or hanging wreaths. A simple and inexpensive way to add colour is with tissue paper. Whether it is layering it between white crockery to give depth to each table setting, or hanging paper garlands from the roof, tissue paper can be used to create a colourful table that is full of WOW (and is also huge amounts of fun to work with to boot).


Pic by @papernations

We would love to hear how you are planning to add WOW to the tables at your wedding, or see pictures of how you nailed your place settings on your big day. Click through to see our collection of props and start dreaming of how they can help make sure your wedding tables are remembered long after your final guest departs.

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