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5 Ideas for a Laid-back Wedding Table

More and more often, brides and grooms are waving goodbye to typical wedding traditions and blazing a new trail for themselves. Some formalities may not quite sit right with some, and others are just looking for a relaxed day, so that they do not end up crying on the wedding planner’s shoulder by noon. If you are one of these bride and grooms, we’ve put together these five quick tips on achieving a laid back wedding table just for you. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you plan to make your day as fun and relaxed as possible too!

Opt for sharing platters

There is nothing like sharing food to break down barriers and get people mixing. A table-by-table sharing platter is therefore perfect for a laid-back vibe. Cured meats, a selection of cheeses, complemented with fruits, breads, and olives, is a simple menu that will suit a range of tastes. An assortment of tray bakes and sweet treats means you can forgo a cake, whilst still giving all your guests a little sugar rush to get them speaking. And let’s face it, if you want a slice of the rocky road, you will happily start speaking to your new neighbour to get to it.


Pic by @lovestoned_

Provide question prompts

We know, this seems a little staged, right? But having ice-breaker questions can make for really interesting discussions with people who have only just been introduced. And isn’t that so much more fun than mulling over how the whole table knows the bride or groom for the duration of the meal? For the questions, stick to light-hearted conceptual or philosophical musings, rather than anything that could make for an uncomfortable stonewall response. Have fun with it; scatter them around the table, or accompany each place name with an individual question.


Pic by @subtlerevelry

Include talking (centre)pieces

Centrepieces can be an icebreaker in themselves. Making them quirky or different from the norm, or including personalised touches, can mean your guests have something to kick-start the conversation as they sit down to dine. Try not to feel overwhelmed by the ideas out there and stick with something that is about you as a couple. For more ideas on how to work some alternative elegance into the decor, see our previous post, 5 Ways to Use Black in Your Wedding Styling or pop across to browse our collection of props.


Pic by us

Go easy on the flowers

For a relaxed atmosphere, think less tightly bound floral arrangements, and more scattered wild flowers, or single leaves / branches. If your flowers are more uniform, it stands to reason that the table will appear more formal, so by having single sprigs, or opting for rustic leaves and branches, your dining experience will take on a different vibe. Split-leaf philodendron leaves are on trend just now and make for wonderful table mats, or general table decor a la this modern tropical table design.


Pic by @meganwelker

Leave the chair covers behind

For a super chilled dining experience, a mixture of chairs is an amazing way to break up the uniformity in the room. Think flea market finds, bringing some from home (you may need to call in a favour or two from the rellies), or hiring out a mixture from a dedicated supplier. Our friend, Sam, at Stargazey Wedding in Cornwall offers a selection of different designs and colours of chairs, and the look this brings is so beautiful and relaxed.


Pic by @stargazey_hire

There are so many other ideas out there for achieving a simple, relaxed vibe during your wedding meal. We’d love to hear yours! Just comment below or head to IG to start a discussion on the feed.

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