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5 Ways to use Black in Your Wedding Styling

“Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all.”

Coco Chanel.

And how right she was. Black doesn’t have to be morbid, and it certainly doesn’t have to invoke a goth vibe. We have listed our five favourite ways of incorporating this undersung wedding colour into your big day, but we would love to hear your tried and tested style tips too. Make yourself some coffee (hold the milk: we’re all about the darkness this morning), browse through our ideas, and leave a comment with your incredible suggestions too.

Black crockery

Not only does black crockery add a darkly elegant vibe to your table settings, it has the ability to make any food served on it look like michelin star cuisine. Think slices of medium-rare sirloin with autumnal veg dripping in butter, or crisp white cheesecake slathered in in a rich fruit coulis with winter berries – all set against a black backdrop. Just add some greenery to lighten the table and you have a fairly inexpensive way to add some WOW. Also, we’re glad to note that eucalyptus is here to stay and works perfectly with dark tones a la the runner in this pic.


Pic by @mosaicweddings

Black ribbons

We know what you’re thinking. Ribbons? Are we not done with those? But hear us out. Black ribbons are sleek, classic and can be used in multiple ways to add a tasteful hue to your day. Rolling your menus or orders of service like scrolls with ribbons lends an old world vibe, and adding some ribbon love to your cutlery makes it feel styled as opposed to just functional. And we know we keep saying this, but lets spruce up the cutlery – it doesn’t need to be laid the same way every time.


Pic by us 

Black decor

We know, we know – we would suggest decor. But how could we not? It can play such a large part in bringing your chosen colour theme to the forefront of your wedding. For your tables, think simple propping, such as black candlesticks, vases, or table runners. All these little items add up to one big look. If this is still too macabre for your taste, try breaking it up with brassware, succulents in terrariums or black plant pots, and one or two deep coloured blooms. For more inspiration, have a peek at our collection of props over here. 

Michelle and Logan via Ruffledblog

Pic by @michelleandlogan via @ruffledblog 

Black cakes

Cakes have become an art form. Forget traditional fruit cakes, or royal icing, we want to fall in love with our desserts and gorge ourselves on beautiful sculptures. A black cake definitely ticks this box. Whether the style is 1920s elegance, or gothic romantic, black cakes stand out in the great wedding bake-off. Don’t want to go all black? Try tiered with copper leafing, or decorate with blackberries, figs and dark chocolate. You can thank us later.


Pic via @cake_ink

Black invites

The rose gold and copper colours that are sweeping through weddings just now are the perfect colour combo for black. Foil calligraphy is good with white. but black gives it edge. And we like edge. Alternatively, try a tribal look, with black, white and neutral tones in monochromatic graphics for a stylish yet laid-back approach.  


Pic by @josselynpeterson via @weddingpaperdivas

There are so many other ways out there to use black in wedding styling. Comment below and let us know your favourite alternative style tips.

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