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Wedding Styling

Arrow + Twine is a wedding styling company for alternative, modern, and fresh-thinking couples who are looking to curate an overall look and atmosphere for their wedding that will reflect their personalities and leave their guests with a memorable experience from their day.




We appreciate it takes time and effort to create the look, feel and atmosphere of a wedding, particularly when a couple may not have gone through the wedding process before. Knowing where to start can be difficult, the list of suppliers can be overwhelming, and the day can have so many styling elements that need to be managed.

This is exactly what Arrow + Twine pride themselves on providing support with.

From offering one-to-one style sessions, on-the-day setup and management, to full styling support, Arrow + Twine will assist with your wedding to ensure it is unique, personalised, and true to your style, whilst relieving the stress we know this work can cause. 

Our services are priced simply and openly to allow you to incorporate design and styling into your budget, with a list of deliverables you and your partner can expect to experience (we hate having to search for costs as much as you do, believe us). This means that each wedding receives the same high level of service, without every wedding being a replica of the last; no cookie cutter types here. We love this creative freedom and thrive best when working with couples who are fiercely committed to having their day their way and want to curate a look, atmosphere and experience that fits with this ethos

If this is you and your partner, we would love to work with you. 

Please visit our styling services pages, which detail the breakdown of our work and costs. And when you are ready, we would love to hear from you and begin supporting you to create a day that is a relaxed and effortless experience for both you and your guests. 




The wedding Collective

A+T is proud to be part of The Wedding Collective; a directory of modern and alternative Scottish wedding suppliers.

Toria contributes as a wedding stylist on a monthly basis to We Fell In Love Blog; Scotland’s wedding blog.